At Christ Embassy, we believe that giving is a major indicator of our sincere love for God. John 3:16 says “God so loved the world that He gave…” Giving allows us to demonstrate that He is more important to us than material things. We believe you can’t outgive God, so when you’re trusting Him with your tithes and offerings we know that He will bless the rest (Proverbs 3:9-10 and Malachi 3:10-12). We believe also that giving is a proof of your faith and reliance on God, His Word and His provisions for us in Christ Jesus.


Next Step

Connecting with our community here at Christ Embassy Dallas begins with our Next Step Program. If you do not have a church home and you are looking for a church home, our goal is that you would consider Christ Embassy Dallas as you family church. We have designed our Next Step program to help you navigate your way through our church family. Next Step is a Four-Step process that begins with: 1. Attending Our Service 2. Meet and Greet 3. Get Acquainted and 4. Membership Class


Attend Our Service

Next Step at Christ Embassy Dallas begins with attending any one of our weekly services. That you are reading this, it is safe to assume you have already taken that first step and I sure hope that the service was all that you hoped it would be and that your experience was a pleasant one. At Christ Embassy Dallas we want you to be comfortable and feel right at home with us. We want you to always experience inspiring music, helpful teaching and preaching, friendly people, and a place where you feel welcome. To find answers to your questions or want to drop us a comment or praise report, kindly click on the connect tab below to leave us a message. God bless you.


Meet and Greet

During our service we take time to welcome our first time guests and give them a connection card to fill out so we can get to know them better. In Christ Embassy Dallas, you are more than a face in the crowd. We always like to get personal with our guests so we can know them and they can know us and try to put a face to the name on our connection card. After the service, we invite our guests to our Meet and Greet room where some of our lovely members will attend to them and give them a free gift on behalf of our pastor. During out Meet and Greet, you have the opportunity to ask questions, share with us your prayer requests so we can pray with you and also submit to us your connection card. At Christ Embassy Dallas, we are always about people because they are the ones for whom Jesus died.


Get Acquainted

Coming to a new environment, everything may seem strange at first and you may feel out of place. But with our Get Acquainted, we provide you and environment where you get to know our leadership in a more relaxed and informal environment and we also get to know you more intimately. Our Get Acquainted takes place every Second Sunday of the month immediately after morning service

At our Get Acquainted you get to meet our Pastor one on one over lunch and get the opportunity to ask questions about our work and ministry. At this forum, we invite you to take the next step which is signing up for our Membership Class. Our desire is that during your time together with us at this event, you will see the benefit of joining with us to carry out the Lord's commission of world evangelisation.

You can sign up for our Get Acquainted program below.

Personal Information:


Membership Class

At Christ Embassy we take membership seriously. Committing yourself to a body of believers is a big decision but it’s also wonderful and rewarding. When you become a member, you are committing to a spiritual family that provides encouragement and support. You are called to life of responsibility, service and sacrifice to your fellow brothers and sisters. As you think about making a decision to join our church, we offer a class that covers what it means to be a Member, as well as our mission, basic beliefs and scriptural exegesis. At our monthly Membership Class we will explain to you our vision and the six core values our church lives by: Attendance, Community, Stewardship, Soulwinning, Growth, and Generosity.  You can sign up at the information desk during one of our worship services or by using the link Here.

Foundation School

The aim of the Foundation School is to educate on the foundational doctrines of Christ that are most surely believed among us at Christ Embassy. Our Foundation School comprises of 6 classes taught over a six week period culminating in a graduation ceremony upon passing the final examination.

The Classes include; The New Creation, The Holy Spirit, Christian Doctrine, Evangelism & Cell Ministry, Christian Character & Prosperity, The Local Assembly & Believers’ LoveWorld.

The New Creation
This class  seeks to examine by divine revelation, the nature and life of the man in Christ and the effect of the regenerative power of Christ in his spirit, soul and body. It will basically examine the totality of the New Creation, which is composed of three major sections: The life of the regenerated Human spirit, The Soul and the Renewal of the Mind, The body and its discipline.

The lessons covered in this class include;
1. The New Creation
2. Born of God
3. The Origin of Sin
4. Salvation by Grace
5. Assurance of Salvation
6. Remission and Forgiveness
7. Man is a Spirit
8. New Creation Realities

The Holy Spirit
The person of the Holy Spirit is vital to the existence of the Christian. It would have been impossible for Jesus to accomplish his earthly ministry without the Holy Spirit. In fact, Jesus would not have been born without the Holy Spirit. Today, what differentiates Christianity from all the religions of the world is the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in the Church.

The lessons covered in this class include;
1. Who is The Holy Spirit?
2. His Ministry Through The Christian
3. Seven Synonyms of The Holy Spirit as Related to The Christians
4. Every Christian Can Receive The Holy Spirit
5. Speaking in Tongues and its Purposes
6. The Seven Spirit of God
7. The Gifts of The Holy Spirit
8. The Ministry Gifts

Christian Doctrine
The purpose of this class is to establish the students firmly on the principles of the word of God, so that they will be no more children tossed to and fro and carried by every wind of doctrine and to disabuse their minds of some misconceptions of the basic tenets of the gospel. This class is very important as it forms the cradle of their understanding of ministry.

The lessons covered in this class include;
1. Meaning of Doctrine
2. The Foundational Doctrines of Christ
3. Doctrine of Righteousness
4. Doctrine on Sanctification
5. Doctrine on Holiness
6. Doctrine on The Law
7. Doctrine on Deliverance
8. Doctrine on Faith

Evangelism & Cell Ministry
This class is designed to help participants know about the importance of Soul winning and be able to identify their chariots in life. Through this class you will be inspired to cultivate a lifestyle of winning souls. Also during this class we introduce you to the cell ministry as a support system for Christian living and for winning souls and the importance of joining a cell.

The lessons covered in this class include;
1. The Great Commission
2. Join This Chariot
3. What Does it Mean to “Teach” All Nations
4. The Cell System
5. The Cell is a Missionary Unit.
6. Importance of Corporate Evangelism
7. Pastoral Care in The Cell
8. Principles of Prayer

Christian Character & Prosperity
This class focuses on the life of a Christian, which is for service to God. According to Romans 12:1, believers must possess a single-minded passion to please God in love, devotion, praise, and to offer the members of their bodies for His service. He must live for God, worship Him, and imbibe Christ. This means his behavior, manner of life must align with who God says he is.

The lessons covered in this class include;
1. The New Commandment
2. Maintaining The Unity of The Spirit
3. Our Confession and Manner of Life
4. The Faith Walk
5. Christianity is a Life of Submission
6. The Responsibilities of The Christian
7. Principles of Prosperity
8. Purpose of Prosperity

The Universal Church & The Local Assembly
The Church has been God’s plan from the beginning to establish His kingdom here on earth. In the Old Testament, God set the children of Israel free from the land of Egypt for them to worship Him. This is the first time we hear about the “Church in the wilderness”. God called the children of Israel out of Egypt, which is why the church can be referred to as “the called out ones".

The lessons covered in this class include;
1. What is The Universal Church And The Body of Christ?
2. How Do I Become a Member of The Body of Christ?
3. Everyone Should Belong To a Local Assembly
4. Purpose of The Church
5. Why Do We Need Local Assemblies?
6. Is It Important to Belong to a Church?
7. Who Builds The Church?
8. Why Should I Go to Church?

Foundation School Sign Up

Our Foundation School holds every sunday at 9am. We want to help you take your next steps to join Christ Embassy. Click the registration button below to sign up.


Small Groups


Small Groups are the best place to truly experience the church family. It’s where you will connect and be known, study the Bible, pray for one another, reach out to others and make lifelong friends. For many, the Small Group is a safe place to step into the life of a local church, whether you are new to church and have questions or looking for a new church to call home.
Our Small Groups are made up of men and women from all generations of life, these groups meet throughout the week for fellowship, care, prayer, accountability, sharing stories and studying God’s Word. They’re a place where we work to consider each other over ourselves.


Photo of S.I.L.K

S.I.L.K (Sisters Inspiring and Leading Through Knowledge) is about women coming into the fullness of the grace and excellence that has been made available to us through the knowledge of God and building ourselves up in that knowledge. We teach women in our community that God’s grace is available to them through the knowledge of God to make them excellent wives, mother’s, entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Led by: Sis. Anuli Iwuoha For Ages: 25-45 Meets: Every Saturday from 11:00am-12:00pm
Childcare Available? Yes Topic: General Study Group Type: Online Virtual Cell, Women
Location: Online Status: Open

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Partnership Pledge

LoveWorld USA

LoveWorld USA is our flagship satellite TV station broadcasting from USA to the rest of the world. Here at Christ Embassy Dallas, we have an on going campaign to raise $100,0000 by December 2018 to support this spiritual initiative. Simply pledge any amount you are comfortable giving whether weekly, monthly or one time. You can also set your pledge up to auto-draft from you account.

Thank you for your generosity.


Rhapsody of Realities is our number one bestselling darling devotional currently in over 900 languages and counting. We have a mandate to distribute 1 million copies this year and bring translation total to 1000. Here at Christ Embassy Dallas, we have an on going campaign to raise $50,0000 by December 2018 to support this mandate. Simply pledge any amount you are comfortable giving whether weekly, monthly or one time. You can also set your pledge up to auto-draft from you account.

Thank you for your generosity.


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering in Christ Embassy Dallas is easy. Begin by reviewing all the volunteer opportunities we have below. If you find any that interests you, simply fill out the form on that page and the director of that ministry will contact you shortly.

Please note that completion of Foundation School at any Christ Embassy is a requirement for service and leadership. If you haven’t gone through Foundation School, kindly go to the Foundation School tab to sign up.

Thanks for your interest in our volunteer ministry. God bless you.


This Outreach Ministry exists to reach out to people with the good news of Jesus Christ and receives them into its care, so that these persons may develop a personal relationship with God and live as Christian disciples. They are vital in ensuring we keep getting influx of first time guests into the church through their outreach efforts.

Guest Services

We want to create an exceptional guest experience by welcoming and quickly connecting each guest. If you like connecting with people you should consider joining our Guest Service Teams. Our Guest Service teams include: Parking, Greeting, Check-in, Cafe, Ushering, Resource Team, Desk Team, Safety Team, and Guest Service Office Team.


The Assimilation Ministry exists to help guests take next steps in their walk with Christ. These teams are made up of people who make events, classes, and connection into the life of our church possible.

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Ministry provides prayer and encouragement as they serve people in need of love and support.

Kiddies LoveWorld

The Kiddies LoveWorld (KLW) members support Christ Embassy Dallas’ growing children’s ministry in a variety of ways, from greeting, check-in, teaching, acting, production support and much, much more.

Teens LoveWorld

The Teens LoveWorld (TLW) ministry is for volunteers who have a heart to see High School and Middle School students grow and fall in love with Jesus daily. High School and Middle School meet on Wednesday night.
(Teens Loveworld interests are invited to come and observe the first and third Full Weeks of every month on Wednesday at 7:00pm.)

Venue Management

The Venue Management & Decor team members are involved with overall repair, maintenance and upkeep for indoor and outdoor premises of the campus.


The Production Ministry takes the worship experience to another level. This team includes all things technical involved with the media presentation of every Sunday, Wednesday and some events throughout the week. Some of the many responsibilities of this team include running computers, cameras, sound, lighting, live video streaming, and stage management.

Creative Arts

The Creative Arts Ministry focuses on enhancing the worship experience through artistic expression.

Sports & Fitness

Understanding that bodily exercise profits at least a little, the Sports and Fitness Ministry exists to help members stay physically fit and healthy through sports and fitness programs while using the opportunity to connect with one another and reach the world around us with the gospel of Christ.

Worship Ministry

Worship Ministry comprises of skilled singers and musicians who have come to recognize their place as altar priests in leading people to offer spiritual sacrifice of praise and worship.

We are seeking strong vocalists with a desire to lead others in worship and experienced musicians with the ability to play electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, saxophone etc. We invite you to audition to be part of the Worship Band that performs worship and special music during services and special events. This is an opportunity for you to use your musical abilities to glorify God and lead others in worshipping him.


News and Events

October Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all our October celebrants. May your joy always be full.

Akpor Diong Oct 02
Brume Odeghe Oct 03
Francis Ayiku Oct 04
Zechariah Im Oct 04
Eucharia Okereke Oct 04
Veronica Dim Anya Oct 5
Ifeoma Ekechukwu Oct 9
Faith Duku Oct 11
Kenny Adewale Oct 11
Femi Oketoki Oct 13
Delmi Abigide Oct 22
Nissi Medukam Oct 23
Share your story, submit prayer requests, or let us know about your experience with us!

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Fill out this form to sign up for Baptism. We have baptisms monthly. Contact the church office to find out the next Baptism date.

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Fill out this form to sign up for Child Dedication. We have dedications every third Sunday of the month during the 10:00am service.

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Prayer Room

myCEDallas Prayer Wall

You may add your prayer request to our prayer wall using the form below. Once your prayer request is received, we will share it according to your instructions. Feel free to submit as many prayer requests as you like!

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Elvanto is our Church Management System (CMS). Every member of Christ Embassy Dallas has an account here from the first day you visited the church. Here you can find such information as your family profile, the Groups you belong, your up to date giving record, your volunteer rooster and availability, and our church calendar. If you haven’t sign up before you can easily do so by clicking the login button below. If you have already signed up and have you username and password, you can also use the link below to quickly access your account on Elvanto.

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