The New Creation
This class  seeks to examine by divine revelation, the nature and life of the man in Christ and the effect of the regenerative power of Christ in his spirit, soul and body. It will basically examine the totality of the New Creation, which is composed of three major sections: The life of the regenerated Human spirit, The Soul and the Renewal of the Mind, The body and its discipline.

The lessons covered in this class include;
1. The New Creation
2. Born of God
3. The Origin of Sin
4. Salvation by Grace
5. Assurance of Salvation
6. Remission and Forgiveness
7. Man is a Spirit
8. New Creation Realities

The Holy Spirit
The person of the Holy Spirit is vital to the existence of the Christian. It would have been impossible for Jesus to accomplish his earthly ministry without the Holy Spirit. In fact, Jesus would not have been born without the Holy Spirit. Today, what differentiates Christianity from all the religions of the world is the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in the Church.

The lessons covered in this class include;
1. Who is The Holy Spirit?
2. His Ministry Through The Christian
3. Seven Synonyms of The Holy Spirit as Related to The Christians
4. Every Christian Can Receive The Holy Spirit
5. Speaking in Tongues and its Purposes
6. The Seven Spirit of God
7. The Gifts of The Holy Spirit
8. The Ministry Gifts

Christian Doctrine
The purpose of this class is to establish the students firmly on the principles of the word of God, so that they will be no more children tossed to and fro and carried by every wind of doctrine and to disabuse their minds of some misconceptions of the basic tenets of the gospel. This class is very important as it forms the cradle of their understanding of ministry.

The lessons covered in this class include;
1. Meaning of Doctrine
2. The Foundational Doctrines of Christ
3. Doctrine of Righteousness
4. Doctrine on Sanctification
5. Doctrine on Holiness
6. Doctrine on The Law
7. Doctrine on Deliverance
8. Doctrine on Faith

Evangelism & Cell Ministry
This class is designed to help participants know about the importance of Soul winning and be able to identify their chariots in life. Through this class you will be inspired to cultivate a lifestyle of winning souls. Also during this class we introduce you to the cell ministry as a support system for Christian living and for winning souls and the importance of joining a cell.

The lessons covered in this class include;
1. The Great Commission
2. Join This Chariot
3. What Does it Mean to “Teach” All Nations
4. The Cell System
5. The Cell is a Missionary Unit.
6. Importance of Corporate Evangelism
7. Pastoral Care in The Cell
8. Principles of Prayer

Christian Character & Prosperity
This class focuses on the life of a Christian, which is for service to God. According to Romans 12:1, believers must possess a single-minded passion to please God in love, devotion, praise, and to offer the members of their bodies for His service. He must live for God, worship Him, and imbibe Christ. This means his behavior, manner of life must align with who God says he is.

The lessons covered in this class include;
1. The New Commandment
2. Maintaining The Unity of The Spirit
3. Our Confession and Manner of Life
4. The Faith Walk
5. Christianity is a Life of Submission
6. The Responsibilities of The Christian
7. Principles of Prosperity
8. Purpose of Prosperity

The Universal Church & The Local Assembly
The Church has been God’s plan from the beginning to establish His kingdom here on earth. In the Old Testament, God set the children of Israel free from the land of Egypt for them to worship Him. This is the first time we hear about the “Church in the wilderness”. God called the children of Israel out of Egypt, which is why the church can be referred to as “the called out ones”.

The lessons covered in this class include;
1. What is The Universal Church And The Body of Christ?
2. How Do I Become a Member of The Body of Christ?
3. Everyone Should Belong To a Local Assembly
4. Purpose of The Church
5. Why Do We Need Local Assemblies?
6. Is It Important to Belong to a Church?
7. Who Builds The Church?
8. Why Should I Go to Church?


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